SoundSweepsBy Synth Presets
Currently we have presets for the following soft synths. This includes VST/AU synths, Ableton Suite synths and potentially reason patches. The site is just starting out so we do not have much to offer yet, but check back as we add content.

Operator ( produced by Ableton ): The Operator Synth is a native synthesizer for Ableton Live (Suite or add on) that supports FM, Additive and Subtractive synthesis.

» One A Day With Iron
Version 0.2, Last Updated: 06/29/2011

This selection of presets are all for the Operator synth that is part of the Ableton Live Suite.

These presets were developed in order to learn how to use FM Synthesis. As such, all patches have some. The patch set title comes from a daily vitamin. For a while I was trying to do one a day, ya know, like taking ones vitamins. I made it to about 22 of them, but then the winter holiday came and life got in the way. I finished them recently and cleaned up some of the early ones. Each rack was created from scratch starting with a default state operator and building from there. Some instruments have notes in the info/help field, either about how they work, or what they were intended to be like.

All of the instruments are in instrument racks and the 8 macro knobs on each instrument have been set and color coded.

To keep the live sets manageable, I've made a number of sets with in the project, one for each instrument type. Each project will contain between 2 and 8 Instrument Racks. The 'Other' set has 3 instrument racks that did not fit into any other category well.

A few can be noisy, so keep a limiter on the track, or turn the track level down till you know how they behave.

You will need the full version of operator as many of the patches use custom wave forms. One lead effect uses the Live Amp and Cabinate effects and it will require Live 8.2 to work.


Aalto ( produced by Madrona Labs ): Aalto is a very nice little FM synth. Madrona Labs describes is as "a semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality" which is a pretty good summary... It's very enjoyable to work with, lots of fun to play with and simple enough that you can get stuff done, with out getting lost for days in the complexity of it all.

» Madrona Tea
Version 0.1, Last Updated: 08/03/2011

This set of patches for Aalto has 6 bass sounds and 6 lead sounds as well as some more pad and organ type sounds. None of them sound like 'real' instruments so feel free to use them as you see fit (if a darker, deeper sound is just what you need for a lead... who am I to say it's a bass...). Most of these voices change and morph over the length of the note (something Aalto does very well). Sorry, no demo clips yet. I'll upload a few shortly.