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October 2022

More Music and Site Updates

Entry by pfawcett
2015-09-24 15:23:57

Work has been keeping me too busy to update this site much, but I have been making music. And now that things are getting more calm across the board, I'm starting to put more work back into this site. So, to catch up, there are 8 (yep, 8) new tracks up on SoundCloud. I've been releasing about a track every 3-5 months. Look for more info here on modular synthsis, arduino and ArdCore programming, Max MSP programming and music.

New Song Released Today - Leaving Town

Entry by pfawcett
2012-12-12 20:11:00

I released one more track this year. Which makes me super happy as I couldn't get anything complete, or even half way there when the year started. I like this one a great deal even though I'm not sure it's perfect. I like to tweak knobs and it wont ever see the light of day unless I just get it out there. It's more upbeat than the last two.

The name of the track when I was writing it was going to be 'Mamimi Left Town' but that's because I was watching FLCL when I was working on some early ideas and it's (sort of) one of the last lines in the last episode. But it's all random... So I just made it more generic... Plus it sounds all happy and has lost of movement.

The track is up on SoundCloud.

Skattered Street Lights

Entry by pfawcett
2012-10-15 19:37:12

I've released my second full original track, Skattered Street Lights on SoundCloud tonight. It's another sort of IDMish track. This one is my first track with hardware synths as well as software synths. There's a Moog SlimPhatty in here along with an OP-1. The software synths are mostly Cyclop, Aalto and Operator. The drums are from Twisted Tools. I think the mastering on this one is better than the last one, it's sounding pretty good on a wide range of systems and the bass doesn't get lost as much. I hope every one enjoys the track and I'd love to hear feedback.

Project Euler

Entry by pfawcett
2012-04-21 18:57:38

When I was between jobs a few months back, I started working on the problems on Project Euler, a site with a number of math related problems that can only really be solved by writing code. As they put it: "Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of mathematics."

It has been a great way to keep my skill up and even to improve on them. If you get the right answer, you can see other solutions and sometimes you can also access pdfs that describe the math behind the problems. If your a programmer and your interested in improving your skill set, I totally recommend it. I've been solving the problems using python, but you can use any language you like.

And they even give you awards / achievements, just like in video games...

Next Day

Entry by pfawcett
2012-04-08 20:32:17

I've released a new song. It's my first full original composition. It's a track called 'Next Day' and it's posted on SoundCloud. It's based on some keyboard parts that I wrote about a year ago when I was just messing around. I always liked them, but lacked the skills to expand it into a full song until recently. I hope you like it. Please leave some feedback with the track if you do.