Programming and Code Projects
PANLib Web Framework
  • PANLib Documentation - PANLib is a set of php classes that facilitate building php based application servers. This site is built with the library (as are some other projects done for various clients). PANLib has a number of classes to encapsulate functionality of web pages, forms and event handling, formatting, xml parsing and processing, database interaction, css formatting and other common functionality. The library is still in development. Current work involves creating more complex form support, image gallery support (with upload) and document library support (with upload). Current version is at 0.9.5. Download PANLib
  • SMILGen 1.0 RC Build- A SMIL code editor. It's a 'smart' xml editor in that it understands the syntax of xml and inserts the quotes and braces as well as indenting for you. It also 'understands' the languages it edits so it knows what elements are allowed as children of an element or what attributes a given element uses. [This is a very old project and has not been worked on since python 1.5. It will likely have issues And this is more for historical purposes now.]