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PANLib Installation


PANLib Documentation


PANLib - A PHP Object Orented Web Application Framework

PANLib is a collection of classes and function libraries for building web applications and web sites. The framework currently supports:

  • Form Objects with Event Handling
  • Image Galleries
  • Basic Bloging
  • Basic Wiki
  • Basic Auth and Login Based Auth
  • Session Tracking
  • Database Abstraction
  • XML Support

Setup and Instalation:

PANLib Installation instructions.

The PANLib Preferences for configuring PANLib sites.

The PANLib Database Schema for PANLib. To use PANLib to it's full potential, it requries access to a MySQL database.

Examples and Samples

PANLib Code Examples is a collection of code examples.

The PANLib Wiki Syntax covers the basic wiki markup supported by the PANLib Wiki.

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PANLib Installation

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